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Certificate in Biblical Studies

The one year Certificate in Biblical Studies  is a program of 30 units over two semesters. It is designed for those wanting some Christian knowledge for work as a lay person in the local church. The Program is divided in this way:

Department of Biblical Studies (B)
B111 Old Testament Survey 3 credit units
B121 New Testament Survey 3 credit units
Department of Theology (T)
T112/121 Bible Doctrine 1 & 2 6 credit units
Department of Missions and Evangelism (ME)
ME121 Personal Evangelism and Discipleship 3 credit units
ME021 Introduction to Linguistics
(independent study program)
3 credit units
Department of Pastoral Theology (PT)
CM111 Principles and Methods of Teaching 3 credit units
Department of General Studies (G)
G121 Oral Communication 3 credit units
Other Requirements
General Electives 6 credit units

This program is designed to be complete in itself, but if the student continues it also becomes the first year of our following programs.