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Welcome to the student help page

In this page you can find which courses you are enrolled in, gradebook, your personal information, and other site related preferences.

To learn more about how to navigate through the student page, click on the orange arrows below to expand each section.


This page provides instructions on how to use the admin. Refer to this page whenever you are unsure on how to navigate through the admin.


Once you registered to a course you will be able to see your prograss and marks on this page.

If you just registered to a new course it may take a few days for your profile to appear.

To see your grades click on the name of the course and your grade will populate.


The profile page displays all your personal information and preferences.

The profile page has two tabs: Profile and Extended Profile.

The profile tab includes personal options such as Admin Color Scheme, Name display option, Contact Info, About Yourself, and password change.


The Extended profile includes your personal information and other questions related to your educational background and goals.

extended profile

It is important to keep the profile and extended profile updated with your current information.