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Life Experience CreditLife ExperienceA college degree is closer than you think! Yorkshire Christian University Online is offering you the opportunity to earn up to half of the remaining credits in your college degree with Life Experience Credit. Credit is awarded in the areas of Mission Service, Christian Service, and Church Planting. A non-refundable Evaluation – application fee of $ 50.00 is required before the application will be processed.

If you have always wanted a college degree or if you started your college degree and never finished, now is the time to get started. (This is an evaluation fee $50.00) How can I apply for Life Experience Credit? The first step to receiving Life Experience Credit is to apply and to be accepted in one of our online programs. Once you have been accepted, you will be able to apply for Life Experience Credit through your YCU Online Administrator. Transfer Credits Have you taken college courses through another college? You may transfer any credits that apply to your major. Transferring credits is easy! Simply scan or email us a copy of your transcript and any applicable credits will be applied toward your degree completion.
Email us:info@ycuoffice.com