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Certificate of Christian Studies

LENGTH 1 year full-time CREDIT HOURS32 hours

PURPOSE For your spiritual growth, this program is ideal to take before pursuing a career or education in another field.

Diploma of Christian Studies

Get grounded in Christian thought and practice so you can be a more effective volunteer in a local church or para-church organization.

Length 2 years full-time Credit Hours 64 – 68 hours

Requirements Everyone taking the DipCS completes a core of biblical/theological, general studies and ministry development courses

Bible and Theology Old Testament Survey

  • (BI110) New Testament Survey
  • (BI121) Life and Teachings of Christ
  • (BI130 Pentateuch
  • (BI160) Theology of Worship
  • (TH100) Theology I
  • (TH220) GENERAL STUDIES History of Civilization
  • (GE102) General Psychology
  • (GE105 ) English Composition
  • (GE150) History of Christianity
  • (GE202) MINISTRY DEVELOPMENT Personal Discipleship
  • (SP110) Missional Living (MI120)Life and Ministry in the Holy Spirit

Bachelor of Theology